Doing lunch: instant noodles

I have standard fare when I'm at home during the midday hours when one becomes peckish. My menu hardly varies. I have soup noodles or... noodle soup.

This is one of my great culinary discoveries such that I'd like to share the 'recipe' with you.

  • 1 packet instant noodles (eg: Maggi, IndoMie, etc)
  • Frozen prawns* or sliced chicken or none if you prefer
  • Crushed garlic (raw or in bottles)
  • Crushed ginger(raw or in bottles)
  • Soy sauce or fish sauce
  • Green vegetables by preference(I prefer brocolini + brussel sprouts + one other)
  • Dried mushrooms (optional)
  • Bring two pots each with 500 ml of water to boil.
  • Into one add the meat (& dried mushrooms), a teaspoon of garlic, and a teaspoon of ginger
  • When the meat/fish is cooked add the washed vegetables
  • Flavour with preferred sauce or mix thereof
  • While the 'soup' is cooking cook the noddles in the other pot for approximately 3 minutes. Drain noodels and rinse under tap (to leach out most of the oil)
  • Add noodles to bowl
  • Pour on soup and vegetables
  • bon appetit!
Needless to say I've developed many variations on this one recipe and concocted my own preferences and efficiencies.

The true test of a good soup noodle is this:
  • you eat all the noodles
  • you eat all the added ingredients
  • you then lift the bowl to your mouth and drink all the soup -- as they do in Tampopo the wry 1985 movie by Juzo Itami .This movie is the source of much noodle wisdom.
When you consider that my preferred noodle soup is from IndoMie and available from almost every supermarket for less that 50 cents -- well, this is cheap eating indeed. And besides, once you get into the world of instant noodles in a big way, you can start to haunt the Korean and Chinese grocery shops like I do experimenting with the many variations on the one theme.

So you look for the 'right' ingredients to add to your medley.

And for snobs like me -- review your culinary options at
and git into the kul-chah...I am not alone. That many
(instant noddle eating) Asians can't be wrong.

*Frozen raw prawns go a long way when used in a soup regime like this. They are so easy to use and one packet will last a long time at 2-5 prawns a meal. The same applies for frozen squid. Chicken should be sliced thinly, separated and cooked well when it is added frozen to the boiling water. Other meats: ditto.

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