Emergency petition campaign for a Sydney city rally on June 28

Unions NSW finally agreed last week to call a rally on June 28 - the ACTU national day of protest against the government's Work Choices attacks - but it is to be held in the far western suburb of Blacktown (because it is a marginal seat).

It is good that there will be a rally in Sydney's west, however, a rally in that location only will preclude the majority of workers in Sydney from participating in the national day of protest.

Trade unionists and other workers rights activists in the Socialist Alliance have therefore launched an emergency campaign to ensure that Unions NSW organise an additional rally in Sydney city on June 28, to ensure that the day of protest is as large as possible in Sydney.

Please download the petition (pdf) calling on Unions NSW to organise a city rally as well as the Blacktown one. There's also a leaflet available explaining why this is so important for the success of the campaign against Work Choices. All of these can also be downloaded from: www.socialist-alliance.org

We urge you to get as many signatures (workmates, friends, neighbours, etc) on the petition as possible and return it to the Socialist Alliance or one of its branches by next week (the completed petitions will be presented to an upcoming Unions NSW council meeting).

If you are working, please also put the motion(below) to a vote at any meetings of your workplace /union.

If you can help distribute the motion to delegates attending the cross-union delegates metings to be held around Sydney on May 15-18, please get in touch.

Draft resolution/amendment for May 15-18 delegates meetings

This meeting notes that Unions NSW has decided to organise a rally in Blacktown on June 28, the ACTU-called national day of action against the Howard government’s Work Choices laws.
This gives workers in part of Sydney’s west a chance to protest against Howard’s attack on our rights at work, but workers from everywhere else in the Sydney region will find it hard, if not impossible, to take part.
We support the Blacktown protest, but believe that all Sydney workers should have an opportunity to rally against Work Choices on June 28. We therefore call on Unions NSW to also organise a rally and march in central Sydney on June 28.

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