Fire Ant

It is a fact that my locality is known for many things this side of the Brisbane CBD. But our collective geographical reputation suffered a blow five years ago when fire ants were discovered in the local cemetery. Fire Ants are critters you wouldn't want at your weekend bar-b-que.
Fire Ants, Solenopsis invicta, are serious pests which have been detected in Queensland, Australia. They inflict a painful sting and if not eradicated will seriously affect our lifestyle. They are the greatest ecological threat to Australia since the introduction of the rabbit and are potentially worse than the cane toad
So I'm not immediately enamoured with any mental associations I may have with the name.
However, I'm trialing FireAnt as my preferred podcatcher, and it ain't half bad. I guess I'm a snob when it comes to my aggregators as I prefer to do my transferring and downloading manually as I'm picky as to what audio I want. I'd been using iTunes for this reason but it can be cumbersome and twitchy.

I started with Juice and it's a great aggregator but isn't so easily administered manually. So now I find I can get what I want from FireAnt even though it is primarily promoted as a video aggregator/catcher.
FireAnt delivers a rich media experience through a simple to use, unified viewer that lets you watch all types of content without having to worry about which format it is (Quicktime, Windows Media, Real, Flash, MP3, and more).
What that means is that you can access through the same program audio and video and text. And FireAnt does this by being repectful of the original sources web page --so you get all the notes you could want and all the property details about the files you may decide to download.

So I'm excited that I've found something that suits me. If I decide otherwise, I'll let you know.

In the meantime, I can say goodbye to iTunes. Hallelujah!

Ps: If, saints preserve us!,Solenopsis invicta, gets away from its hunters here and starts the business of invasion more broadly I'll let you folk know. Fire Ants have alrady invaded the United States form their South American home (where the Cane Toad also comes from) so that in a state like Texas there's a fire-ant nest almost every metre.

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