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After playing around with the widgets both Life of Riley Blog (which you are currently reading) and Ratbag Radio (which I'm sure you listen to) now offer audio feedback.If you have a computer with a microphone all you need to do is click on the tag below for sending an audio comment -- and through the services of Odeo (apparently created by the guy who set up Blogger in the first place) I'll be listening to your sweet nothings and maybe sharing them with my listeners on Ratbag Radio.

So speak up. Be head. We'll be keeping an ear out for you.

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I'll be the only person able to access your offering and I'm not going to bite. Nor am I planning to morph into John Laws.

This facility will be available on all Life of Riley & Ratbag Radio postings If you want to share a viewpoint, rant, rage, contribution an anecdote or deliver a news report please use this service to access our growing podcast network.

If anyone has any questions or is keen to team up please visit and register your thoughts in the RR Discussion Forums or get back to me.

After spending so long reading what people have to say on the web in various forums, it would be nice to now and then hear what you sound like when you say it.

This week I'd particularly like to hear your views on the Work Choices IR laws and your experience of any Mayday events in your locality for my upcoming podcast on both.

So speak up. Be head. I'll be keeping an ear out for you.

ps: For those who don't know, computer microphones are cheap and can be bought from Dick Smith's or other electronics retailer for under $10 and plug into the back of your computer box where there's usually a microphone symbol to tell you where the plug goes. But as I say, if you have probelms, get back to me.You will also find another input back there for a set of earphones --again very cheap in so many shops and a preferred option to spending big on a set of speakers.