Nuclear Australia inevitable says PM Howard

ITEM/CONTRIBUTOR: Speaking from Ottawa, the Prime Minister said the introduction of nuclear power to Australia would still be governed by economics but that rising oil prices changed the whole energy equation.

Ahead of his discussions in Canada, Mr Howard said nuclear power could be in Australia much sooner than previously expected.

"I think it is inevitable," he said on Melbourne radio 3AW. The time at which it will come should be governed by economic considerations. Clearly, the environmental advantages of nuclear power are there for all to see.

"It is cleaner and greener, and therefore some of the people who in the past have opposed it should support it.

"Obviously, the economic factor has to be considered."

But Mr Howard said he thought "it could be closer than some people would have thought a short while ago".


I think we can rebuild the anti-nuclear movement against this. Already new activists groups have come together in spme cities, let's take some initiatives to form new coalitions in the other cities and get some significant mobilisations going by World Environment Day (June 5) or at least by Hiroshima. SBS TV reckons it did a poll which found that 47% of Australians support nuclear power and only 40% are against, but I reckon with a bit of organising we can make this one of the many issues that PM John Howard is a minority on including:

* 58% disagreed on going to war on Iraq
* 73% disapprove of his government's policies on health
* 67% disapproval on education
* 81% disapproval on environment
* 67% oppose the new IR laws

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