Odeo. Lucky you.

I don't know why it has taken me so long to twig that Odeo exists and then arrive at some notion of what makes it tick. But I came to the project through a desire to foster audio feedback for Ratbag Radio.

That was two days ago and I keep coming back to explore their interface more.

I'm a keen user of Blogger, of course --I'm a Blogger junkie as I own up to establishing almost 20 Blogger blogs for various personal and political porpoises (those goddam cetacean mammals are so demanding!)-- who later embraced podcasting. I guess that's a common route. Thats' right, I'm common --common as muck.

However, I've been trying to encourage other people to podcast but usually the DIY learning curve is a bit steep for the shy of heart and the faint of hearing. I knew that what was needed was a straightforward way for them to record what they wanted to say. No bells or whistles -- just press RECORD and SPEAK.

Of course that's Odeo!

Anyway my plan was to establish a simple recording protocol -- Hello! That's Odeo! -- through which I could generate audio from various locales in the country. I then wanted to aggregate that collected audio into a podzine -- a podcast in magazine format with 'reporters' from all over.
So my plan now is -- Odeo -- to ask them all to send me audio commentaries which I'd later aggregate and package into the one podcast.

So simple!

I think that later as "they" (my team of presently non existent reporters) get used to this and start having some fun, I can perhaps create a single Odeo podcast/account which I could employ like a group blog except this would be "group audio."

I'd be The Producer.

Golly..I'm still enjoying the rush I'm getting from the impact of what the Odeo folk have engineered.

But I guess that's just me -- a passionate so and so sort of guy.

In the meantime I'm putting in the hours at the local ethnic radio station -- 4EB -- for my panel operator's licence. Doing that makes me feel like a disc jockey when I'm sitting at the Harrison mixer (pictured left) working my magic. (Not that anyone has actually heard me yet as I've not been live to air!)

In the meantime you can expect a few throwaway audio communiques liberally engineered to go with this blog. Improv. In fact that would be true audio blogging and the snazzy Odeo flash players will be yours occasionally to click upon.

Lucky you.