Please March for Texcoco/San Salvador Atenco 28 May

Source: Zamora:There is going to be a huge march in Mexico City on 28 May to demand the release of the political prisoners seized at Texcoco and San Salvador Atenco on 3rd and 4th May, and justice for the abuses of due process and human rights during their illegal detention, as well as for the women and at least one man raped or sexually assaulted en route to the prisons. I am hoping that you can organise a march on or picket at the Mexican Embassy or some other activity in support of Texcoco/Atenco – this is not just about Texcoco/Atenco, but about a return to the methods so familiar to many, especially refugees from Latin America, of the brutal repression in the 80’s of so many Latin Americans who legitimately expressed political opinions unacceptable to their (usually US puppet) governments. This current repression is aimed at supporters of the Zapatista Otra CampaƱa.
Please let as many people as you can know about this and do whatever you can in the short time available – there has been one article in SCOOP with links to narconews (and hopefully another update tomorrow) backgrounding the issue and I hope there is enough time to at least get people to drop by the Mexican Embassy and leave a token of their support for the people of Texcoco/Atenco, and/or a demand for the release of the political prisoners, investigation and brining to justice of those responsible, and a commitment to the Rule of Law by the Mexican Government. Whether they leave flowers, tie a black ribbon on the gate, I don’t know – if it is too late and too hard to organise a march or a picket, maybe if people just dropped by in the next few days and tied a black ribbon on the consulate or embassy, that would be something, or a petition, or signatures on a letter of support to the people of Texcolo and Atenco would be great as well.
Sorry to drop this on you, but it is a huge issue now – the Mexican Government, after trying to whitewash the issue through a media campaign to discredit the people of Texcoco and Atenco, is now on the back foot - the Human Rights Commission and many many civil organisations are demanding justice. International support was essential to getting it on the national agenda and is even more essential to keep it there until the prisoners are released and justice is done.
Please help!!! And please send photos of your actions and activities so we can get them into the Mexican press ASAP - you can try sending them direct to La Jornada, or to me to forward.
Thanks in anticipation.
In solidarity

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