PODCAST: Education for Socialists

Still another podcast enterprise coming to you free from the Life Of Riley/Ratbag Radio production team who wing it with what we got.

This time around it's.. [DRUM ROLL PL..EASE!]
offering to would-be world changes the sort of web audio & podcast feed which archives talks, workshops, and classes on socialist theory and practice...

So EfS joins Ratbag Radio and LeftCast in our home grown
---in beautiful downtown Northgate in the shadow of the Golden Circle Cannery and within cooee of the swamp---
burgeoning podcast network.
Mr Riley told Life of Riley Blog that this was an exercise experimenting with the creative use of web based media as a tool with which to extend the reach of persons like us.

"I mean, " he said," you and me types who take their politics seriously and are always on the look out for any opportunity to spread the word -- to push the envelope as it were . We're doing it and we're having a lot of fun doing it."