POST9/11 BLUES video


Just wanted you guys who emailed to be the first to know that the POST9/11 BLUES video is up on the homepage,

The track is being released for download from iTunes and everywhere online, from late July.

Please come and have a look, leave a comment - and hope you can spread the word and forward it on to friends

Like is said before, i hope that enough people support this track when it's released in late July, that it will be recognised in the mainstream rather than being treated as though it's expressing some fringe minority viewpoint....

I wouldn't mind seeing it on MTV charts and shows like Top of The Pops - can you imagine?

If a third as many people as view the song each week bought it, the song would get into the would this be rejected or ignored (as it was originally) if that happened?

Please spread the word, keep in touch, and I hope you can support this track in July!

Free tracks will also be coming your way very soon

thanks a lot for the support a lot of people have been negative and your messages have made all this effort seem worthwhile


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