Professor Ratbaggy's audio communique

'Tis another audio commmunique affixed below from Ratbag Radio's Dave Riley. My political opponents are now referring to me as Dave' Ratbag Radio' Riley which I think is a great joke as I used to pass myself off as Professor Ratbaggy -- an overbearing spruiker who patented his very own Red Cordial Show. The irony is that I am indeed proud to be a ratbag. You may have your various identities -- cultural, social and the like -- but me, I'm happy with certifiable Ratbaggery as a code to pilot my lifestyle by. Indeed if you search for "ratbag" on Google it is my very own patented enterprises that will come up second from the top. Some local developer of computer games has moved in on my copyright so I have to share. That's I guess neither here nor there...

So as you were. Carry on.