Professor Ratbaggy's audio communique

My frustration has been immense as I bear up under the weight of my new disability. Given my penchant for labelling a page with one name and running with another nomenclature-- I begin a new series of commentaries marketed as Professor Ratbaggy's Audio Communiques -- which will be as silly as I can make them.

I'm seriously silly with these. Believe you me.

I like to call it practice -- for the real thing. This is improv-- sort of -- you know:" I say, I say, I say ..." anything that more or less comes into my head. It's standup while I'm sitting down all within the temporal confines of three minutes.

So listen in if that is your want.

In my afore mentioned spiel I refer to the list making attributes of EverNote:

All your notes in one place. With EverNote, all your notes are stored in one convenient place: an endless digital roll of paper. Free download.
Regular readers of this blog will note that because of my new handicap my dogscooter is not being pushed or kicked hither and yon. This is my substitution -- verbal gymnastics and oral exercises -- instead of the out and about thing.

These audio memoes will live within the 3 minute rule -- which is the formatted time keep that my political existence is used to. Three minutes to make your point / drive forth your polemic / report / or whatever before you... before you must appeal to those gathered before you, via the chairperson, that you'd like an extension of time.

Standing orders like that helps to kill off waffle.and keeps one to the point. Anyway thats' the idea..

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