Special panel on latest allegations of Indigenous violence

On Living Black, this Wednesday, May 24 at 6.00pm on SBS Television, the program will convene a special panel to discuss the recent allegations of widespread violence and sexual abuse within Indigenous communities.

Last week Alice Springs Crown prosecutor Dr Nanette Rogers gave detailed claims of violence and sexual abuse in Indigenous communities in central Australia, including the abuse of very young children and babies.

The Minister for Indigenous Affairs Mal Brough has called for a national conference but so far state ministers and, crucially, Northern Territory Chief Minister Claire Martin, have not supported his suggestion.

Amongst those joining presenter Karla Grant in a discussion of what needs to be done to end this appalling cycle of violence are:

National Labor Party President Warren Mundine, Rosie Kunoth-Monks, a court interpreter from Central Australia with specialist knowledge of Customary Law; Boni Robertson, Griffith University academic and former chair of a task force on Indigenous violence which published their damning findings in 1999; and, from New South Wales, counsellor Chris
Binge who works with Indigenous families experiencing violence.

Living Black, Australia’s only national Indigenous news and current affairs television program, is repeated on Mondays at 5.30 pm and Tuesdays at 3.30 pm.

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