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Fightback against Howard! France shows the way – we can defeat anti-worker laws!

Join the June 1 student strike June 1 sign on statement

The Howard government's misnamed Work Choices legislation is the biggest attack on the rights of working people in over 100 years. The government showed its contempt for democracy when it passed the law in November last year and implemented it in March the law in defiance of opinion polls showing majority opposition and national protests of around 600 000 people on November 15 — the largest workers' rights protests in Australia's history.

Young workers are often amongst the most vulnerable employees, with the least knowledge of their rights and ability to defend them. Young workers are being stripped of their rights to collectively bargain, to not be unfairly sacked and to decent wages and conditions.

Howard also forced through the equally misnamed "Voluntary Student Unionism" legislation late last year that aims to destroy student unions and undermine the ability of university students to collectively organise in defence of their rights.

Despite Howard promising that workers wont be adversity affected by Work Choices, following the implementation of the legislation there have been a spate of sackings.

We refuse to accept this attack on our rights. We know that if we fight we can win. In France recently, students spearheaded a mass movement that fought in the streets against a similar anti-worker law, eventually forcing the government to back-down and repeal the law.

We are fighting for our future.

We, the undersigned, pledge to join the nation-wide student strike on June 1 in defense of our rights and to say "No to Work choices! No to VSU!"

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The Undersigned

Up Yours Howard!
Student and Young Workers strike on June 1!

Repeal Work Choices! Repeal VSU!

Momentum is building for the June 1 strike across the country. More and more schools are organising to come out onto the streets against Howard's attacks on students and young workers. Community groups and trade unions are join up and endorsing the action.

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