Up Yours Howard!

Student and Young Workers strike on June 1!

FROM RESISTANCE: Across the country more and more high school, university and TAFE students are taking up the call for a student strike against "Worst Choices" on June 1. At the same time the number of endorsements continue to grow. To keep up to date with the list of endorsements, the details of rallies in your city and how you can help build June 1 on you school check out the box at the top of the right hand side column "Up yours Howard, No to Work Choices student strike - June 1"

With the increased number of calls we are getting from students and young workers pissed off at Howard's new IR regime we are encountering a growing number horrific stories about how this new law is affecting young people. In order to help spread some of this stories and shame bosses and the government for what they have been doing Resistance is going to set up a section on this website to publish some of these stories. We are asking all those who have been affected by Worst Choices to email your story (we totally respect your right to anonymity if you choose so) to nationaloffice@resistance.org.au and will put it up on our site.

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