BlogBridge those RSSs

I'm not an avid reader of blogs per se. But I'm hooked on what RSS can do for me. From an article on Performancing -- my much loved source for great blogging software -- I caught onto BlogBridge  which now has  BlogBridge:Library (Demo) which offers the possibility to store, structure and showcase your blog and reader preferences.

What is being talked about here is a sort of iTunes for blogs, or indeed all RSS/XML/atom feeds --an emporium of subscribable content that can be precisely arranged and cross referenced by using tags. If you have ever been exposed to iTunes (I didn't like the experience either) you'd appreciate the setup. But if you were a real news junkie then this is  one helluva aggregator.

If you are using Firefox to surf the web, a simple extension like Sage or Wizz RSS should suffice. But if you can't help yourself and want as much input as you can gather each and every day -- then check out what Blogbridge has to offer. I am doing just that. ..with an open mind.

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