The C of E

Let's begin , shall we, with a nuclear quiz:
Q: Why did the foolish gardener plant a light bulb?
A: He wanted to grow a power plant.
Q: How do energy-conscious people feel about wind power?
A: They're blown away!
Q: And, how do we know that wind power is popular?
A: Because it has so many fans.
Q: What did the man  say to the physicist?
A: I just love nuclear fission. What kind of bait do you use?
Q: What does the nuclear scientist do in his spare time?
A: Goes fission.
Let's hear it: Laughter...ha, ha, ha...And with it the syncopated sound of thousands of thighs being slapped.

There you go. Is this the debate we had to have? Is it? Did we voluntarily  go back and reprise old chatter chatter chatter  for the sake of something to talk about?
HE says: What shall  we talk about?
SHE says: I don't know..Let’s talk about...I know! I know! Let’s all talk about  energy.
But this present  debate comes to us compliments of the smell of an oily rag.

We’re running out of water,<YES> the price of petrol keeps going up <YES>and up <YES YES>and up ...<YES YES YES>. We’re officially cheer squading the slaughter in Iraq for the price of a  few barrels of the good stuff. .. and we’re can’t help ourselves because we’re such  energy addicts.

STREET PERSON: any energy?.I’d need a fix real bad OHMMMM. I need a fix  of  E. Ohm. Ohm. Gimme. Gimme some E. I’ve given up H, man. Stuff that. Give some E. I got it good.  I need some E. Ohm.

We’re all converts from birth to the C of E. The Church of En  er  gy.

Organ plays:

    We believe in one true E,
    Driving all  act - tiv - ity
    Ever present help in need,
    Praised by all those into greed
    By whose mighty power alone
    All is made and wrought and done.

It’s even written in the stars that way because that’s where all energy comes from the first place.

Twinkle Twinkle energy star
How I wonder    how much you are
High above the world so high
Like a power plant in the sky.

Twinkle Twinkle energy star
How I wonder how much you are.
STREET PERSON: Hey mister can you spare an amp, a few joules, some kilowatts, or maybe a megawatt or two... and I’ll take a packet of volts while you’re at it ..and can you throw in some of them there ohms. Got any ohms? I need  ohms....I gotta have some ohms. I  need  me ohms. Yes ohms. Gimme some ohms will ya!?  I  can’t get far in a day  without a few ohms..

But tell me...? We are we supposed to get them FROM?
[To be continued]
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