Democracy Now! I hear ypu

I'm an adherent of Democracy Now! which I listen to as a podcast -- 50 minutes a day, five days a week.. Over time it has become riveting. This program has its own rugged journalistic  style and if you check out its history  it is amazing how such a quality news product is generated -- something like the way Green Left Weekly sustains itself.

Democracy Now is hosted -- indeed it is driven -- by Amy Goodman who is a master at cutting through crap. The DM format rests on a series of interviews of various lengths which are addressed with a sharply focused questioning style that you don't often find in the media. And like Green Left Weekly, DM is proud of its 'bias'. DM may pitch as left wing US  Democrat(ic) -- but in its commitment I guess to 'the truth', transcends the gross limitation of that party so that it hosts on its schedule the views way way to the left of the Democrats left wing.

So on Democracy Now! in any week you could get Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky or Tariq Ali...engaged in a discussion about something of current importance.

It is a major asset for those who strive for a different world or who are jack sick of what passes as 'news' from the networks. Democracy Now! is an antidote to bullshit