Group blogging for greenlefties

The good folk at Socialist Unity Network have been running a group blog rather successfully for a few months at:

I think it's a great example of how a group blog can be put to work.

I've been a blogger for a few years and it's a lonely activity with sometimes a brutal regime to adhere to if you want to service your visitors.

In the meantime blogging as a form of journalism has moved to a significant news and commentary niche such that it is a pity the 'hard left' such as many of us don't utilize it more . Even my local rag, the Courier Mail has begun blogging by using a simple format such as that supplied by Blogger.

and a web designer and blogger, Polizeros Bob, in LA has set up the PSL weblog which is a great window to their activities

I've also explored blogs as news aggegators as I did with the Tsunami Tragedy Blog :

I think discussion forums such as the GLW Discussion List compete with blogs as an optional investment of energy such that it can be a hard call as to where you should spend your sweat. But the problem with groups such as that -- despite the number of subscribers --some 850-- is that they tend to be closed and insular discussions with a very short shelf life.

The better option would be to combine posting to lists with blogging the same posts--such that so much of the information exchanged and the debate could also be shared and archived in a blog format.

Blogger I guess is my passion as I have used it so much these past three or four years and it must be the most popular -- by millions no doubt, world wide-- of the blogging platforms: it's free, its easy to use, and the templates are straightforward to customize. When I moved into podcasting I simply orchestrated the blogging (and RSS/atom) attributes offered by Blogger to podcast with.

So I guess I know my Blogger onions.

However, for those who use FireFox as their browser, there's now a full featured blog editor that sits right within Firefox called Performancing which is available from here.

This little device is a kick arse blog editor that makes blog upkeep and posting so very easy. You don't have to sign in with Blogger each time. You don't have to wonder where you'll write your draft -- on or off line -- because Performancing is a straightforward interface that is very much better and easier than Blogger to edit and compose with.

Now I know some folk only decide to blog when they go to Caracas or Palestine -- that is when they think they have something to report -- but next time you can consider taking Performancing along. It doesn't matter how many separate accounts you may have with the one
Blogging platform -- like Blogger --because you can post to any of your blogs by selecting the target from within the Firefox/Performancing frame and your sign on attributes are already taken care of.

So if you wanted to run a group blog --and I tell you they can be cumbersome especially when you try to shepherd contributors into dealing with the interface --now you can have "x" number of bloggers signed into the one blog, blogging their little radical hearts out --and it is as easy as composing an email!

Some blog platforms -- like Blogger --allow you to post using email but the formatting never worked properly and you'd so soften end up with a layout dog's breakfast when the post was published. Performancing transcends that completely: you compose, format, and with one click publish. It's awesome.

So what I'm saying to all the Greenlefties out there is that blogging has suddenly got much easier -- and if you surf with Firefox go give Performancing and blogging a try. Then consider with whom you could blog.

I also point out that when you further engage in the blogging/RSS thing you can create feeds that create script to add to any website such that what you blog appears each time at several places on the web. So, for instance, if you had a website dedicated to opposing uranium mining or nuclear power.and it was made up of links to references and such -- you can imbed a blog into the top page(or any page for that matter) which would automatically carry headings, an introductory teaser and text, such that your page be as up to date as often as you blogged. So no more stale web pages folks -- blog your content!

And now with the so many audio services out there such as Odeo -- it is easy to integrate multi media elements into these blogging platforms and a better name for podcasting is "audioblogging."

If anyone wants to explore blogging &/or performancing -- and requires assistance -- please feel free to get in touch with me.