Haiti 1791-1804 -- The Louverture Project wiki

Using Web 2.0 as a resource for good...Here's an exciting example of collective effort to explore a major historical event -- the overthrow of their masters by the slaves of Haiti --The Louverture Project (TLP)

The Louverture Project (TLP) collects and promotes knowledge, analysis, and understanding of the Haitian revolution of 1791–1804. This unique history project follows the example of Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, and is committed to creating a vast, accessible, and useful open content resource.

The Revolution Will Be Forgotten is a proposed, collaboratively-edited popular history of the Haitian Revolution, shaped by the information gathered at The Louverture Project, and moulded by its readers. When completed, the narrative will cover the events leading up to the revolution, the rise of Toussaint Louverture as the leader of his country, the revolution's impact on world history, and much, much more.

The Introduction page has been started, but remember that, just like everything else at A history of the Haitian Revolution of 1791–180 you may edit, add, and direct the development of content at the site. Click the edit or discussion tabs on any page to start contributing. Source: Bob Morriss/Politics in the Zeroes.

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