Hints for Housekeeping

Anyone who has been on this forum for any length of time will  recognise that I am seriously prone to many typoes and spelling mistakes. This is not because I failed primary school, rather it is due to secondaries to illness.

Since I so often write my contributions on the web I have no recourse but my own challenged vocab and grammar skills. But for those who use FireFox as their browser there's a handy spell check extension, called Spellbound that warrants investigation. It spell checks everything you write while on the web - emails, forms, blogs, Indymedia posts,etc.

And while I'm on the matter of add ons, programs and such -- political activists should take a look at Google Calendar. Here's great way to organise yourself and your group day to day. With the public calendar option you can share your upcoming agenda of activities and imbed any number of notes to go with each event.

Your members can check out their responsibilities by simply visiting the calendar site.

I'm exploring the program to see if it can be set up so you can post calendars of events, reminders and such to a group of emails --say to an email list. That would be a great way to share your events schedule with your campaign committee or political group.

You can set up your calendar so that it sends/emails you (or maybe even to others as well) every day a list of events and schedules in a daily diary format.

Similarly, folk  who are so skilled at ferreting stuff from the web could share their researches with others by offering us a selective list of links/bookmarks created in del.icio.us .In fact del.icio.us would be a great accompaniment to the exchange threads on any list as it enables you to share your bookmarks and references. FireFox also offers an easy one click extension to enable quick addition to del.icio.us. Then, to make it a really powerful tool, you can arrange your bookmarks by using tags, then -- if you use an RSS aggregator (I use Sage--an extension-- with FireFox) --you can subscribe to your tags.and check out each folder with just one click.

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