Idle notions...

It's raining! Not that the drought here in South East Queensland has broken. But it is raining. It's wet. Not a lot wet, but less dry than before.

THINKS:Maybe those mulberry cuttings I planted will take this year. The mulberry is a holy tree -- or bush(as in "round and round the mulberry bush on a cold and frosty morning") -- because it's so giving and so undemanding.

I have other things to do too. I was reminded of the the poem by Bertolt Brecht on his little radio.I could sing it for you now if you were in cooee.

I knew the poem in ballad form from a translation by Eric Bentley. I also recall that Brecht wrote a bit both for and on radio. So I'll dig out those essays and blog my thoughts on them.

I am you see a registered Brechtian and one of my reviews has done the tour of academia (see: The Life and Lies of Bertolt Brecht)but that was once part of my CV-- my BB knowledge and identity. I'm very much a child of the Weimar Republic and German speaking cabaret. Sally Bowls in a slouch hat perhaps.

This note was intended to promote this great blogging platform -- Performancing.--even though it's still in beta. Blogging is a joy with it.

However I have a podcast to edit and a web page to create (I've got this great idea for integrating blogging, email discussion groups, RSS feeds, links, Google Calendar and whatever into a home page for greenlefties in South East Queensland.)

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