Interview setup

Here's the rig I am using for phone interviews that I can later podcast or transcribe for publication in GLW.

[Coming up: an interview with Prof Ian Lowe on the nuclear power part of a special podcast on Ur.]

I use a speaker phone (Dick Smith's $25.00) my iRiver rests near the speaker and my mic -- the Sony condenser mini -- extends from the iRiver ifp 785 and picks up my voice and that of person being interviewed. I should tweak the sound if I had it coming into separate channels but for the moment I'm using only the one microphone.

Anyway you can check out the quality by listening in on the next RR podcast.

I also thought I'd experiment with video sometimes on my podcast. Since I had the digital (still)camera out I switched it to vid and took this film of the backyard. Nothing exciting there but it does prove how easy it is to share in the digital universe: just upload to You Tube and Bob's Your Uncle. I have to confess that I combine the You Tube and the Yahoo generated Flash vid player because I can make the Yahoo one stay one side of the blog post and I can control the screen size easily.
  • The water is our dixie cup swimming pool which is primarily used as my exercise yard to starve off crippling stiffness and immobility. I've ven gota wet suit so taht ic an go all seasons. Since we're in drought the pool is the the only water that is aloud outdoors as it was filled a long time ago....
  • And for some reason You Tube only grabbed part of the file as this was a panning left to right shot. Then when I tried to upload the full file again(even when renamed) it insisted it was a duplicate ...well, you have to start somewhere, and this is it.

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