Jared Diamond & Easter Island

And I am a keen opponent of Jared Diamond , the evolutionary biologist, whose 'green ideology' -- such as it is -- is , I consider, very backward -- almost reactionary in its crude immersion in sociobiology and a sort of herd Darwinism.

I'm a Richard Lewontin and Stephen Jay Gould fan. I am, not that I'm trained in the craft, a dialectical biologist at heart and I take my dialectical materialism seriously.

But on this point in reference to Easter Island there's a very important discussion on the ABC's Science Show last week: Rewriting the Easter Island story:

It offers audio AND transcript that suggests there are no simple one answer answers.

I mention this because the New Zealand Greens have chosen to celebrate Diamond -- and the vehicle is a guy I used to work with here in Brisbane -- to cover a major shift to the right.

But take heart -- for us Dialectical Materialists there's even a musical to enjoy(click on the Mp3 tag to listen; lyrics precede the tune). This delight comes from Dialectics for Kids Home Page.