The Left and the Blathersphere

Bob Morriss at Politics in the Zeroes has some sharp comments to make about the  left in cyberspace and  the real world

He addresses Alexander Cockburn's comments on blogging and a pontificating web presence.
BOB:Alexander Cockburn weighs in on recent "progressive" Democratic conferences and their blog counterparts who did an admirable job of  ignoring the war as well as any even vaguely hot button issues.
COCKBURN:.. In political terms the blogosphere is like white noise, insistent and meaningless, like the wash of Pacific surf I can hear most days. But MoveOn.Org and Daily Kos have been hailed as the emergent form of modern politics, the target of excited articles in the New York Review of Books....

...Welcome to blog world. They're loonies, beyond any sanction or reproof by reality. These people are going to stop a war, change the direction of our politics? They make Barbra Streisand sound like Che Guevara...
BOB: But I must protest here. Lots of leftie websites aren't this dimwitted!  But the larger point is that too many allegedly progressive groups exist solely in cyberspace. They have little grounding in the real-life world of organizing, of building coalitions, of being in the rough-and-tumble of politics as it truly exists. They fantasize it can all be done via the Net. It can't. The Net is an auxiliary tool, the real work is done in the streets. That's how you build a political organization.

Which is why netroots* and the rest of them are ineffective and will fade away. They exist only in the bitstream, in a self-referential bubble, unaware of how they are being gamed by real world pols, with no real plan, strategy, or tactics. It's like the Children's Crusade, "our cause is pure, so we must triumph" so they marched against the enemy - and were decimated. A righteous cause is certainly a good thing, but reality needs a seat at the table too. Several seats, actually.

*Netroots is a recent term describing a particular form of grassroots activist organized primarily over the internet, especially on blogs.
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