More on the Timor Leste coup d'etat

  • John Pilger:
    East Timor: The Coup the World Missed:
    "Arriving with a force of 2,000, an Australian brigadier flew by helicopter straight to the headquarters of the rebel leader, Major Alfredo Reinado – not to arrest him for attempting to overthrow a democratically elected prime minister but to greet him warmly. Like other rebels, Reinado had been trained in Canberra...."

  • Army rushes to set up base for 3000 in Timor
    "THE depth of Australia's military commitment to East Timor has been revealed in an urgent tender document for the establishment and maintenance of a base for up to 3000 soldiers and civilian support staff from Australia and "coalition partners". ...A virtual township complete with everything from a sewerage system to a swimming pool is to be built in Timor and maintained for up to 15 months, the documents reveal."