Naming names

Macquarie Dictionary (1991):
n. colloq. 1. a rascal; rogue. 2. a person of eccentric or nonconforming ideas or behaviour. 3. a person whose preoccupation with a particular theory or belief is seen as obsessive or discreditable: that Marxist ratbag. -ratbaggery, n. -ratbaggy, adj.

I'm musing and when I'm a 'musing I'm a 'wondering about stuff like this here word, "ratbag". I've adopted it see? I've got a claim on it something like a patent. The word is mine although I have to share it. Do a web search for 'ratbag' and you'll come upon me somewhere there. I share the limelight with an Australian based computer game company  (logo at right) and as 'Professor Ratbaggy', with a  band of occasional musoes headed by Paul Kelly. Ratbag is also the name of a font -- pp ratbag (above left).

But what it has to do with a bag of rats seems to be unknown -- that's for the likes of the Pied Piper of Hamelin-der Rattenfänger von Hameln -- but it has to have something to do with rat catching I guess and the portage of same.

So with all that PR I have decided to adopt the nomenclature formally and henceforth will market myself under the Ratbag Radio label. That's my network, my media enterprise, my tag. So all these podcasts -- LeftCast, Eds for Socs, VenSol and Ratbag Radio, of course--as well as dear old Life of Riley Blog --  will henceforth be produced, and administered by Ratbag Radio --which will be me, and email address and who and what ever else I can rope into the enterprise.

So give me a few days and I'll set up a specific Ratbag Radio (or Ratbag Media), all-in, good for all occasions, web page.