Postal Workers to Appeal Orders

Date: 27 June 2006

Australia Post workers will today seek a stay and lodge an appeal against the Unfair Australian Industrial Relations decision preventing them from exercising their democratic rights at tomorrow's National Day of Protest along with thousands of Australian working families against the Federal Government's IR changes.

The Australian Industrial Relations Commission this morning issued orders against all Aussie Post workers, CEPU officials and its employees from participate or inciting attendance at rallies around Australia.

The orders potentially expose members to penalties and litigation by Aussie Post under the new WorkChoice legislation if they join with the thousands of Australian workers and their families turning out tomorrow to oppose the attack on workers rights.

CEPU NSW State Secretary Jim Metcher said union lawyers have been instructed to seek a stay and lodge an appeal against the unfair ruling today.

"This entire episode vindicates the protest by postal workers against Aussie Post who are exercising the new WorkChoice laws by removing $100 per week in shift penalty rates, reducing thousands of dollars in superannuation retirement benefits and converting100 year old real Post office jobs to lower paid franchise Post office employment arrangements," Mr Metcher said.

"Australia Post are now using WorkChoices to prevent their employees protesting against WorkChoices - it is just another example of how far these laws are unfairly weighted against workers.

"What Australia Post and other employers need to understand is that by attempting to silence angry workers now, will only make them, their families and friends more determined to exercise their democratic right where it will ultimately matter most - against the Federal Government in the ballot box at the next federal election."