RESISTANCE in Melbourne: The Story of A Socialist Youth Organisation

An RMIT student has made a documentary on the socialist youth organisation Resistance and has created an accompanying website where you can also view & listen to the why and where for? Check it out here.

What does Resistance remind you of?
The name of an alternative music band? A funky hip-hop garments store?

In Australia, Resistance is a nationwide organisation of socialist activists made up of workers, students and unemployed under 26 years old.

Being young and powerless, Resistance members represent one of the most voiceless groups in Australian society. And that's why they've been battling to win more people's support and have their callings for peace, liberty and justice heard through numerous campaigns, rallies and demonstrations in the past four decades -- since the organisation's foundation in 1967.

The Melbourne branch of Resistance has an office just opposite RMIT, namely, Resistance Center, Druids House, level 5, 407 Swanston St.

You may remember seeing them selling political badges and distributing pamphlets concerning issues such as anti-racism, workers' rights, environmental protection, etc. at Melbourne Central and on university campuses.

The young socialists are around you and active as ever.

Here are their stories.

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