Some recommendations

I've been playing around with computer this and computer that and had planned to post here a discourse on the Cold War (why not? asks I).... but I lost it. I lost the lot. So you miss out.

However when i was cooking up a hot chocolate for my supper I thought I'd recommend a few things. And here they be.
  1. Goggle Calendar I so often fall ill and can't do much. And every time that happens I lose momentum and all routine is lost. It's never just a case of recovering physically, as I also have to re-establish a modus operandi. After more than 20 years of getting on and off the hose it ain't getting any easier. Enter Google Calendar: great little program for organising your lifestyle and mine (such as it is). I've got five calendars going each overlaying and sharing the days with one another. That way I can keep up to date with what I should/could/ or will be doing if I'm able. Check it out.
  2. voo2do I've always been one for to-do lists.I call them my WITBD lists--that's What Is To Be Done? lists.--after a book by Vladimir Lenin. I've been employing Google Notebook for these but it is a bit sparse in way of layout options. But I've just started to master voo2do and its a great way to format your life and tasks therein.We aren't talking shopping list lists with this one. We're talking big time projects that need a lot of careful WITBD'ing and attention.You know: write great Australian novel , lose weight, clean out roof gutters...Big time stuff that has a lot of meaning in one's chosen lifestyle.And there you have it: if you can PLAN all your business with voo2do then, of course , you're more than half way to completion.