The United States is Terrified" - Noam Chomsky on Latin America's Move Towards "Independence and Integration"

Usually Noam Chomsky's standard take on Latin America is something I find far too pragmatic , indeed liberal, especially his up and down relationship with Cuba. But then I guess you'd expect that from a registered libertarian...

But this presentation -- at the UN -- is excellent and warrants a wider audience. Here he amasses an excellent argument that I think we can take up and utilize. Here's the last bit as a sampler:

And it's worse. A lot of these policies are gaining significant popular appeal. Just read a scholarly paper by a very anti-Castro Cuban American scholar, who reports -- I don't know where he got it from, but he said about 170,000 Latin Americans have been, in the last couple years, have been treated in Cuban medical facilities, and most of them restoring sight under Cuban-Venezuelan programs, where Venezuela pays for it and people -- blind people, others who need medical care in the U.S. dependencies, where they can't get it, of course -- are sent to Cuba, where they come back seeing. They were blind. You know, okay, that has its effects on countries. Called Operation Miracle.

And within Venezuela, as far as -- you can like it or hate it,but the interesting question is what Venezuelans think about it. Okay,well, a good knowledge of that. There's extensive polls taken, LatinAmerican and North American polls. It turns out that the popularity of the government has shot way up in the last -- since 1998, and it now isthe most popular elected government in Latin America; in fact, in thehemisphere, because this government is not popular. So it's the mostpopular elected government in Latin America, and it keeps going up.Well, reasons not too obscure, but, sure, it's driving the UnitedStates berserk. That's why you have the constant hysteria from thegovernment and the media about the terrible things in Venezuela and Bolivia. MORE>
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