Watch it Burn

Watch it Burn is a weekly anti war podcast from a US soldier in Iraq. The show's logo says it all: Will Work for Oil.
Display name: Godless US Soldier
Real name: Godless Kinser
Age: 34
Occupation: Soldier (Airframe Repairer, former Grunt)
Lives in: Balad (LSA Anaconda) , Iraq .
Philosophy of life: " The People, United Will Never Be Defeated! "

So check out an episode and/or subscribe here. The accompanying blog to this podcast is at Godless Kinser.

'Tis another world, folks, from the liberal blog, prattling existence which is standardly on offer from the web. The US Democrats have talked up the blogging tool so much that all you get served is air. Elsewhere, a move is afoot to claim back our fair share for the left /feminist /green /...side of the web.

So get cracking will ya...!

For those keen on more podcasting focusing on the occupation of Iraq, check out my favorite from Swarthmore College, War News Radio. Projects like these show you what the
podosphere can do when it tries at being relevant. But to get the good oil -- the podcasts I subscribe and listen to are listed in the directory on the Ratbag Radio website.

I'll be updating that list tonight. And, of course, I subscribe with FireAnt -- the powerful podcatching tool that I prefer to use.

[PS:I haven't be banned from KOS as I'm not a blog groupie ..but I love the banner)