About audio

I've got a bee in my bonnet about audio (as if you haven't noticed). But audio is, for us dumbclucks, a frustrating science.

But if you were perchance a smiggin interested --rather than catch your knowledge on the fly -- the BBC has a great free training unit on its web page: Radio Training Courses.
Our radio courses cover all aspects of technical and operational radio skills.
Click through.Study. Do everything in your own good time. Overcome your ignorance.

I'll be doing more radio henceforth as I settle into panel operation and on air chit chat at 4EB here in Brisbane as part of their Irish Radio Program (Irish is as ethnic as I can get).

To hear us -- tune into 98.1 each Saturday in Brisbane at 12.30pm.

As part of that I'm experimenting with a podcast supplement to see what sort of programming we can generate to satisfy listeners outside the station's transmitter reach in SE Qld. I call this podcast, O'Pod -- the Australian Irishness Podcast.

Joke name of course.