ALP: the genie is out of the bottle

I can already see the mushroom clouds a'billowing... Get a load of this godswallop from Lindsay Tanner, the main 'left' advocate for occasional radical yearning in the ALP. Tanner is often referred to in the media as the "social conscience" of the Labor Party.
ITEM:Mr Tanner, Labor's policy co-ordinator, said while he had "strong reservations about changing our policy to increase Australia's role in the nuclear cycle, I acknowledge that the world has changed in various ways".
"Because of my policy co-ordinating responsibility, I intend to support the leader on all issues at national conference."

Of course the Me-too Party wants to go the whole hog. No half measures are to be entertained by this true grit outfit. This is the debate Australia had to have --and in the pure logic of the uranium fuel circle, once you've joined it, it's ethical, goddammit! -- a matter of principle -- to take back the waste if you supply the ore...Of course!
ITEM:A Labor document on uranium mining hints at storing nuclear waste in Australia and identifies sites in Queensland and Western Australia for new mines.
In case you're wondering, today is definitely Thursday and it was only last Monday that Beazeley announced the rethink in ALP policy.
Martin Ferguson (aka Mr Atom) had this to say about the prospect offered if the Me Too Party embraces the magic circle:
ITEM:"I can tell you in no uncertain terms that cradle to grave is what the industry wants, it's what the Labor Party wants, it's what the community wants to guarantee whatever yellowcake is produced in Australia can be tracked and its peaceful use absolutely guaranteed."
Under the US Global Nuclear Energy Partnership cradle-to-grave arrangements, used fuel would be returned to the nation that sold it.
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