Are we going to let Lufthansa get away with this?

A message from Eric Lee.
Imagine yourself working for a unionized company, with an employer based in a country with a very strong labour movement.  A good employer, who until now has recognized your union and has bargained collectively overwages and working conditions.

And then, suddenly, the employer takes advantages of new anti-union lawsand tells you that your collective agreement is now a thing of the past. You're on all individual contracts from now on, and -- by the way --we're cutting your pay by up to 15%.

That's exactly what has happened to 80 call centre workers in Melbourne,Australia employed by a subsidiary of the German airline Lufthansa.

In Germany, they probably couldn't get away with this, but under the viciously right-wing, anti-union Howard government in Australia, they now can.

Those workers and their union (the Australian Services Union) are now asking you to help.  To send a loud and clear message to Lufthansa that you cannot behave this way toward your workers and get away with it.

Please send your message now, and pass this address on to your fellow union member...

Thanks very much.  And have a great weekend.

Eric Lee