Bananas up our noses

From Peter Boyle:
The ACTU is asking the Fair Pay Commission for a $30 a week pay increase for workers on the minimum wage. (see here) . At current prices in Australia that would buy three kilos of bananas.
This would roughly adjust the minimum wage in line with the CPI increases, which has been blamed on the high price of petrol and bananas (See here).
Peter Hendy, from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, says claiming three kilos of bananas a week for the working poor is "over the top".
Allan Moss, Macquarie Bank's $21.2 million-a-year CEO has not made a public comment on the ACTU's minimum wage claim.
The Liberal federal treasurer, Peter Costello, reckons the workers are doing OK because they've simply stopped buying bananas.
Perhaps agreeing with Costello, the Labor government of South Australia has asked the Fair Pay Commission to give the poorest workers only a $17 week (1.7 kilos of bananas) pay rise.
PM John Howard (who scored a $20,280 pay rise last month, which brought his annual salary to $309,270) says minimum-wage workers deserve some bananas but shied away from saying how many.
Labor federal opposition leader Kim Beazley says he gives a "substantial
portion" of his bananas to charity.
KIM BEAZLEY: Very substantial slabs of my income go to charity all the time and that will continue to be the case, including with this.
NEIL MITCHELL (RADIO 3AW): You’re going to give it all back.
BEAZLEY: Mate, I give away huge amounts of my income in relation to the way in which I operate my electorate and the rest of it. That’s what we do in politics.
MITCHELL: I understand that. One of the State politicians said that they are giving their pay rise, all of it, to charity. Are you going to that?
BEAZLEY: Mate, I’m not going to give all my pay rise to charity. I give substantial portions of my existing pay to charity and I will keep doing that and now I will give more.
MITCHELL: You can understand how this would get up the nose of the average worker wouldn’t you?
BEAZLEY: Yes it would. It would get up the nose of the average worker in the times in which we find ourselves. There you have a position where the politicians are getting substantial pay rises, and an awful lot of workers have got a question mark over their pay right now. I can understand it would get up their nose.
Radio Interview with Neil Mitchell, 3AW Radio 28th June 2006
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