Being (or pretending to be) Irish #2

As for pretending to be Irish -- 'cause that's how I sign up sometimes, it has it its charms -- both social and literary, of course. Everyone has their own Irish pantheon -- depending on what you are into. For me, as I'm noted in these pages before, it is Flann O'Brien  (in Irish Brian Ó Nuallain).

I'm a total O'Brien nutter.

So when I was indicating my credentials recently as a Irisher -- I said, that I have to be Irish, because the  program I podcast is called The Blather and what could be more Irish than that?

How true. It's like circumcision for Jews, is blathering.  I seek to celebrate it -- as the dear dead Brian Ó Nuallain was want to all his blathering life.

So if asked, "Dave, what do you do?" I can say, I'm a professional blatherer.