Building an alternative to the ALP -- why bother?

Elsewhere in my life --such as it is --I am prevailed upon to give up my core political quest by an ALP member  -- self named as "FightBackAustralia" -- who introduced himself as more proletarian than thou. My innate facetiousness could not be contained.

FIGHTBACK:Sorry Dave It's not just us you have to convince it's also the other 4 or 5 million Labor voters and supporters out there, and so far your current approach and tactics aren't having much luck.

:Is that so? OK. Let's assume you're right and that the proof of the pudding is in everyday practice and the Socialist Alliance is this or that as you say it is or Doug Jordan does or this Gould character.

But why do you harp on the point? Why berate me/us so with reminders of what is supposedly self evident? Have I signed on for therapy with you? Is that it? Am I to be cured from an illness -- this distaste for Laborism that I suffer from?

I'm a busy man and I'm sure you are too -- what with being dinky dye working class and all that -- so it's not that you don't have other prole type things you could be doing. But no, you are concerned enough to expend the effort in making sure that dullards like myself can spend their lives with greater reward in the offing--albeit with some guidance as is warranted given my current political condition. That instead of being dedicated to a fruitless project(such as the Socialist Alliance),what I should be doing is following in your footsteps(although I could never hope to be as proletarian nor as blue collar as you no doubt are).

I'd like to say how much I appreciate this gesture and I can only say that I will take your kind words of advice to heart. You have both class and wisdom on your side --as well as a certain anonymity that I lack -- so I promise to sit up and take notice.

My arse obviously is on the line.

But please, tell me this: why labour a self evident truth? Mr Gould is similarly obsessed and now Uncle Doug is keen to re-assure us all that he too is as wise in the ways of realpolitik as your good self.

I admit that in life I have chosen a difficult course. In know that. And as you no doubt foresee I am probably heading for political oblivion. That's the depressing part. I'm sentenced to a fate worst than a Beaseley Labor government and cannot accept it.

O woe is me! Why can't I learn to leave well enough alone?

So please... I gotta know..dear FB .. tell me please..why is it so? Why labour such a self evident truth that it is a totally fruitless exercise (and maybe just as unnecessary when you think of it) to try to organise a political alternative to the Australian Labor Party?
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