The Chaser's War on Everything now available as a video podcast

The ABC TV satire series, The Chaser's War on Everything, is now available as a video podcast or vlog. This is a ABC trial and matches what the broadcaster has been doing with its radio programs which have been available as podcasts for the past three years.
Now you can take our War on Everything everywhere
All year, people have told us they missed our show because they were in the pub. So we have come up with a way you can watch it in the pub - or anywhere.
ABC TV and New Media have provided a new video podcast of the complete episodes. This trial service allows you to download the complete episodes from this site and watch them on your computer or portable video player. So the only excuse for missing the show now is that you just don't like it very much.
Here at the Ratbag Radio Network we recommend the free FireAnt for all your video and podcast subscriptions needs. Since FireAnt is still in beta, to sync your video or audio (that means to download media to a portable player) if you have problems with that aspect:go to Library...Click your selectedfile(s) ..Right Click Mouse ...then ...SAVE AS.
The Chaser's War On...

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