Delivering content

The new spate of Israeli terrorism has advanced my webbing envelope as I experiment with various interventions on this blog to showcase the issues. Necessity , as Frank Zappa would have it, is the mother of invention --and while I'm overwhelmed  by 'news' and 'views' and media, I get to try out  a lot of ways to deliver content.
That's' my new buzz phrase -- "delivering content". That's what Dave does: deliver content.
I have to nonetheless, refer back to  a useful tool at least in discovering content -- BlogBridge -- a great RSS aggregator. Five out of five there. Since  Mr Pito dropped by last week to inform me of a bit of How To with his program I've really moved up in the blog universe,at least by my own estimation. I've now got tabs on myself in that regard.
Ego! ego! ego! ego! ego......!
OK. What will be will be...Excuse me while I go make or discover content so that I can deliver some more...content.
content: What a communication that is about something is about.

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