Digital wars

I accidentally entered through a portal and found myself in a  hub of pro-Zionist blogs. I don't recommend the experience.
Some may say that maybe I could learn something by dallying there a while. You know, considering the other side's POV.
I apologise but I am fresh out of tokens for liberality this week.I spent them long ago.
I'm one of those pig headed bastards who take sides. Always. And them Palestinian types, I'm sorry to say, have had me signed up for decades.
Call me dogmatic / call me rigid but don't call me an old softy.
One of the most exciting discoveries  of this present dispute -- on the ground in Lebanon as well as in cyberspace -- is how sophisticated is the use of multimedia  by both Lebanese and Palestinian bloggers (in the main) and the many news services  that have been created in the Arab world .As any one will tell you, the various factions of the Lebanese realpolitik each have their own media outlets including television stations.
This is the sort of thinking in the Arab world that got Al Jazeera  up and running, George Bush's bombing raids notwithstanding. And Electronic Intifada...
I am, I admit, not being bombed for the moment; but I do note that these folk, these Arab broadcasters , can teach us a thing or two about (and here's that handy phrase again) "delivering content". I've certainly learnt a lot from what is being utilized on line. It's inspiring.
So I too have gone multimedia in my own small way with a confidence I would not have imagined possible. Welcome to my portal.
Imagine the Iraqi invasion without the option of an alternative  POV on offer from Al Jazeera ? Imagine this everyday  war totally described and tailored by CNN!
"Ho. Ho." says George W, "I tell you what ,Tony, let's bomb the muther..? What you reckon? Boom! Boom! Al Jazeera go tuttars. Nudge. Nudge. Wink. Wink. They say no more. Know what I mean? Eh...?."
But the exercise and the response (I'm looking at you, George) tells us a lot about the power of alternative media.-- really alternative, and not in the way CNN is an option to Fox news or the Sydney Morning Herald is different(enough) from the Daily Telegraph or the Courier Mail, etc.
I won't go into the mythic power that is projected onto  blogs, bloggers and blogging -- but the whole business of organising a collective option to the mainstream is where the main media challenge seems to be  at.(If you were to ask me!)
I may be a blogger, but I see this LOR  blog  as a sideshow to what Green Left Weekly offers us / you / me on the web. That's where the meat and potatoes are at.I'm entree.
I am, you see, not alone, and bloggers are usually such standalone types that I fear I must distance myself a little from the pack even if I seem to be selling myself short. I can live with that. I'm humble.
It's an uncomfortable exercise nonetheless because I find myself switching from an intimate and confessional  first person voice (such as now) to pontification ...And back again as first one voice then another takes hold of me. So excuse me if I seem a touch erratic, because I am.
I'm multimedia erratic too!
But if it is so, that, dear readers, is my niche.
I've also discovered that I can find enough "content" to sustain a regimen of daily blogging.
All I have to  do now is establish a schedule for my podcasting.
I'm working on it.

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