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I have been a keen listener to the Democracy Now! podcast -- the one hour news  service produced five days per week by the US based  Pacifica Radio Network.
But I was unaware of the bitter internal dispute  that led to a journalists' strike and several  legal battles though most of the past five years.
That may be neither here nor there but the group of broadcasters who struck and thereafter left Pacifica -- established their own news service Free Speech Radio News (FSRN)
As a consumer of 'news' I take what I can get, when I can get it ... but the FSRN half hour news program is really quite good. Indeed, the FSRN project is an exciting exercise in collective journalism. As they write:
Free Speech Radio News was founded by freelance journalists ("stringers") who went on strike against the nation's oldest progressive news service -- Pacifica Network News in January 2000. The strike by over 40 freelance reporters marked a national turning point in the battle to save the progressive character of the Pacifica Radio network, which was under assault from within by a corporate clique on its national board. In response to the censorship, firings and bannings that had become a way of life at Pacifica, the freelancers launched one of the most important strikes by a contingent labor force in recent decades. FSRN quickly replaced PNN on the vast majority of Pacifica's 60 affiliates. Over the next two years, the global picketline of freelancers grew to over 150, as progressive reporters from around the world refused to work for Pacifica Network News and joined the strikers in producing Free Speech Radio News. In early 2002, the new community-controlled Pacifica Board cancelled PNN (see Pacifica's press release) and settled the freelancers' strike by passing a resolution acknowledging the essential role the strike played in returning Pacifica to its mission and pledging no censorship within the network (see FSRN's press release). FSRN continues to produce news for the Pacifica network as an independent worker-run collective.
Unfortunately both news services are very good and it is nigh impossible to turn your back on either of them. FSRN is more a news broadcast and Democracy Now! is more issues oriented so I just gotta subscribe to both.
You can link up with FSRN here.
Make sure you do so.

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