Happy Anniversary LOR

This week is the second anniversary of my blogging existence. The irony is that after engaging in so many different approaches to this blog --and there are many ways to skin this cat -- I'm only now coming at the exercise with a certain degree of abandon.
I'm only now getting into blogging. In fact, it has taken me this long to learn to respect it.
That may seem strange but, you see, I've resisted the fashion for blogs to be talked up as the next best thing to whatever you care to mention. I've generally found their upkeep tedious as I don't seem to suffer from that degree of ego or arrogance that opinionated commentary blogging seems to demand. You know, the attitude for being "out there" and loud as a registered pundit.
But now that I've kitted myself with various add ons (and these programs I have mentioned here) I consider that I now have a toolbox and skills that I can call my own. Indeed, I've been apprenticed thus far and am keen to now tackle the craft of blogging (and podcasting too, let's not forget the chatter chatter) with a certain degree of self confidence and, dare I say it?, expertise.
Afterall it's all about delivering content.
I won't bore you with a memoir or some wispy hindsight but I merely note in passing that I have served thus far and will continue henceforth.

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