How to make an Iraqi quagmire -- easy step by step DIY with Colin

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Our own words sometime return to haunt us. Nothing unusual in that as embarrassment can catch us on the hop any time. But what if your own words, written 14 years ago, described the actual condition in a major contemporary conflict to a T? Wouldn't your foresight be something you would seek to crow about? Especially if you were a four star general who'd made a career out of developing military strategy?
Apparently Colin Powell is humble enough not to own up to past insights. How unassuming can this guy be?
Col HIMSELF(circa 1992):As an example of this logical process, we can examine the assertions of those who have asked why President Bush did not order our forces on to Baghdad after we had driven the Iraqi army out of Kuwait. We must assume that the political objective of such an order would have been capturing Saddam Hussein. Even if Hussein had waited for us to enter Baghdad, and even if we had been able to capture him, what purpose would it have served? And would serving that purpose have been worth the many more casualties that would have occurred? Would it have been worth the inevitable follow-up: major occupation forces in Iraq for years to come and a very expensive and complex American proconsulship in Baghdad? Fortunately for America, reasonable people at the time thought not. They still do

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