I was a Communist for the FBI

Thanks to a suggestion from Norm Dixon, for those into classic memorabilia from the Cold War. He directed me to the OTR Net .
The OTR.Network is a new online resource for Old Time Radio (OTR) enthusiasts. We have over 11,000 OTR shows available for instant listening, and we add at least 100 more every week. Oh yeah, did we mention it's free?
For enthusiasts of the genre I was a Communist for the FBI , available from OTR, was classic anti communist propaganda. While it was a radio show it also made the jump to television as I recall and was showcased as a feature film in 1951 which I guess the television series grew out of it. Here's the film promo:
"I had to sell out my own girl--so would you! I was under the toughest orders a guy could get! I stood by and watched my brother slugged...I started a riot that ran red with terror...I learned every dirty rule in their book--and had to use them--because I was a communist--but I WAS A COMMUNIST FOR THE FBI."
If you can't get enough of the era here's another great cultural resource, Conelrad. Conelrad also has tabs on the TV version of the same theme: I led Three Lives with Richard Carlson as the agent.The program ran from 1953 to 1956:
"This is the fantastically true story of Herbert A. Philbrick, who for nine frightening years did lead three lives: average citizen, member of the Communist Party, and counterspy for the FBI."
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