Kim Beazley's political strategy

I happened to catch this exchange last night on television. But hey! It's such good on-the-mark satire that you gotta read it all HERE.
John Clarke & Bryan Dawe pull no punches in this exchange. A mere taste has been excerpted. Bon appetit!
KIM BEAZLEY: I've studied John Howard for a long time, Bryan. I've studied the way that he stands, the way that he walks, the way that he talks, the sort of thing he says, the way that his head moves.
INTERVIEWER: What sort of things does he say?
KIM BEAZLEY: Well, he's got very conservative views Bryan, obviously. I mean, he's all for big business. He's a nationalist, he's very keen on the armed forces.
INTERVIEWER: As you are.
KIM BEAZLEY: As I am, right, yes. A point you well made.
INTERVIEWER: But you've got all these things perfectly.
KIM BEAZLEY: He's very keen on the popular media, he's on talkback radio all the time.
INTERVIEWER: Just like you, I mean, it's uncanny.
KIM BEAZLEY: Of course I am, I'm doing an impression. He loves being photographed at sporting events.
INTERVIEWER: Yeah, he's got that Australian tracksuit...
KIM BEAZLEY: He's got the tracksuit on under the suit. I've got one being made, Bryan. He's got very, I suppose, right-wing views on a lot of social issues. Issues perhaps of race, and gender and sexuality.
INTERVIEWER: And you've even got those down really well now.