Labor backing Israel's "self defence"

ITEM:MEET THE PRESS Interview with Shadow Foreign Minister, the ALP's, Kevin Rudd July 23rd 2006
FRAN KELLY: But Kevin Rudd, isn't the immediate statistic - the most important one - the 300 civilians dead. We've got more than 300 civilians dead. Israel says this is just what it needs to do to protect itself. The Australian Government, the US Government and many other governments around the world supporting that, but why isn't that disproportionate force?

KEVIN RUDD: Well, what I said quite plainly before, Fran, was that any state, including Israel, has a right to self-defence, particularly against organisations and states which are committed to the destruction totally of the state of Israel...

FRAN KELLY: An unfettered right to any level of attack?

KEVIN RUDD: At the same time - no, let me say this. At the same time, no state, including Israel, is it acceptable for such a state to engage in military attacks against non-military targets, be they civilian or economic. I think that states our position with absolute clarity in terms of what's going on in Lebanon at present.
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