More on them millionaires

ITEM: As I write this Bill Gates is currently worth $61.613 billion Microsoft's stock was up by $0.875 today. This means that Bill made another $483,243,075.00 today. (That's $483.24 Million.) Since midnight (Eastern Time), 811 minutes have passed. Since that time, Bill has made money at the rate of $595,860.75 per minute. That's $595.9 Thousand per minute! If Bill Gates was a country he would rank between 37 & 38 a public corporation between 6 & 7 a bank between 7 & 8 a state between 8 & 9 If you assigned yourself the task of spending all of Bill Gates fortune over a 30-year span, 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours a day, seven days a week you would have to spend it at the rate of $234,289.64. an hour. Habitat for Humanities estimates that to build a house for a family of four costs $30,000 (labor volunteered) a piece.. With Bill Gates fortune you could build housing for 9,242,023 people. With Bill Gates fortune you you could afford a four year scholarship, room and tuition fully paid for 533,062 students.

The problem with Bill Gates as far as we are told, isn't so much that he is rich -- sort of -- but that he as a rich bastard he's not one of our's -- not Australian. A dinky dye nation wants to bath in the financial glory of their home grown wealthy. Rupert Murdoch may now be off shore but he's one of our own, you see. His personal worth is estimated at $9 billion.