Notes from the anti Zionist blogger himself

Here I am sitting at home at the terminal while around Australia people are mobilising against the Israeli excursion "incursion" into Lebanon and other places in the Levant neighborhood. With the rain that greeted my awakening this morning I am too stiff and sore to take upon myself the challenge of travelling to the CBD and raising my voice with so many others. So I do this. My life such as it is.
As Kurt Vonnegut would have it: so it goes.
But since I am doing this and aggregating stuff I'd like to know if you-- that's you! dear reader --are having problems with the loading thereof. I mean, am I trying your patience with these multifarious pics, flash players and media add ons that I'm embedding here?
I'll interpret silence as a no.
But please note that I am listening.
[Lifts cupped hand to air] Eh?
This is an experimental project as I explore what I can in fact add on and put to work. Normal blogging -- the sort that panders to pundits, self appointed experts and egoes -- doesn't appeal to me. I'm not that bourgeois. I'm more the petti type-- very petti. Small time thinking. That sort of thing. Shopping lists. Cricket scores. Two plus two. Nothing profound here.
So I aggregate and utilise these posts as an exercise in piloting my own existence (such as it is!)and sharing my discoveries.
As for the pontification that may be expected, I reply that my opinions are well known as I have seen them so often expressed elsewhere by far greater minds -- even if mine and their's do so often think alike. Even Noam Chomsky has been known to agree with me.
But since I have your ear I want to discuss the question of anti-Semitism.
I have been on the wrong side of the state of Israel for almost forty years. I am, you see, a proud anti-Zionist but there are many of the Jewish faith who seek to equate anti-Zionism such as mine with the anti-Semitism of others.
While I'd like to say "some of my best friends are Jews", it is more correct to say that "some of my best friends are anti-Zionist Jews" as I cut my political eye teeth way back when arguing with left Zionists.
Such a notion today seems almost ridiculous: left Zionist!Huh! What progressive about Israel?
But the kibbutz movement excited Jew and gentile alike in the sixties such that the state of Israel generated a lot of left cover and garnered to its flag a swathe of radical support.
The left Zionist youth here even had their own separate journal and an enlisted saint, Leonard Cohen, whose grandfather was president of the first Zionist organisation in Canada.
But to reprise those exchanges today would be almost farcical as so many figleaves have been stripped from the accepted ideology of Israel such that this state-only-for-Jews is as politically naked and bare as the hills of Galilee.
But back then -- to the time of the Six Day War in 1967, before many more thousands of Palestinians were killed or expelled to rot in refugee camps or exile-- Israel could do no wrong.
Now so many of us see it for the terrorist settler state that it is.(At least I hope we do, don't we?)
But we shouldn't forget that Israel has many friends here with Oz PM Bob Hawke -- who a fiend of mine dubbed the "member for Wills and Tel Aviv" -- being the most notable.
Of course, me being anti-Zionist doesn't translate into much when it comes to dispossessed Palestinians, does it now? But if you were similarly afflicted --then we are getting somewhere.
I also should point out that I have had my mouth buried in the Middle East for over thirty years as I am dedicated to re-creating the cuisine of the region and from Morocco to Iran,the many borders don't mean a thing when it comes to the stomach.
I've eaten my way from Fez to Tehran and back again so many times that if you can name a dish I haven't eaten or cooked I'll drown myself in my own batch of hoummos.
And these Zionists want to tell us that what makes them special and different is that they have a history together and the rest of the world is far too anti-Semitic for their kind to coexist peacefully elsewhere. But if I were to convert to Judaism tomorrow I too could be a citizen of Israel the very next day when Palestinians who have lived their for eons are persona non grata .
As your everyday New York Jew would proclaim, although not on this topic: "Go figure!"

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