Pity Israel? Why?

Pity Israel?Consider yourself lucky that you aren't a neighbor:
ITEM:In particular, the ICJ ruling challenged Israel's  presentation of itself as an innocent victim merely protecting itself. This has always been Israel's most disingenuous way of avoiding accountability for its actions.  For a victim has no responsibility, cannot be held  accountable. Thus Israel is the world's fourth largest  nuclear power yet still retains the image of the poor little  kid in what Netanyahu used to call as "neighborhood of  bullies." Israel produces 10% of the world's arms and is a  main conduit for the arms its strategic ally, the US,  disseminates to malevolent regimes around the globe, yet it  is the weak party, the victim, in its conflict with the  Palestinians. Israel is an occupying power that has  demolished 11,000 Palestinian homes since 1967, that has expropriated hundreds of thousands of acres of Palestinian  land for its own settlements, has attacked densely populated civilian centers in cities such as Rafah, Ramallah, Jenin,  Bethlehem, Nablus and Hebron with tanks, bombs, artillery,  laser-guided missiles and snipers, yet evades accountability  for state terrorism. Israel has an economy three times larger  than Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon put  together, yet has created a situation where some 70% of the  Palestinians live on less than $2 a day yet avoids its responsibility towards the innocent population it rules.
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