Poor Peter

You have to feel sorry for Peter Garrett. The former frontman for the Oils is obviously now a determined full time politician loyal to his chosen family. This now is a Labor man through and through. So we can imagine what he is going through.(I can if you can't)

Says Pete
But any suggestion that someone in my situation is going to pick up the bat and go home simply because there is a possibility that a decision is made by the conference that he personally disagrees with - that's not what I'm here for...I'm here to make a contribution to the party, to make a contribution to debate in the country and I intend to stick around and do that.

Back in the old days, back in 1984, Pete was a prime mover and shaker for the Nuclear Disarmament Party and me and Pete were dedicated against all things nuclear.He may have hence given the nod to the presence of US bases and visiting floating nuclear arsenals (He's excused, of course, becuase it is all for the sake of the war against the big T) so I guess he isn't one to live in the past, as I seem to be.
Opposed: Mr Garret says he would not quit the party over the uranium issue. [File photo]But what is he going to do when (it won't be if but when)the ALP decides to junk its 3 mines uranium policy? What then does an aging rock star with a good home in the ALP do?
It was uranium policy that caused such a ruckus in the ALP that the NDP was born in protest with Garrett its main spokesperson. In 1984 ALP members were burning their membership cards outside that year's national conference.
Oh! the irony of it: advance 22 years and we get play back. But I don't expect any arson this time around. Arsing about,perhaps, but not arson.
Peter will strut and fret and fight the good fight, of course. But how much of a Labor man is he? That requires a hefty dose of pragmatism. One mine, three mines four mines, more...should Peter care?
As sand through an hour glass, only time will tell....

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